Self Love Is The Best Therapy

How to start practicing this powerful form of love everyday

In life, we are almost always rushing. Sometimes after things, sometimes after people, sometimes after work and the list goes on. Specially, when it comes to loving someone, we are ready to cross all bridges and go out of the way to express our love and care towards them.

We are willing to sacrifice our time, our energy and our resources on them. They can be lovers, potential lovers, friends or family.

No wonder, it sometimes tends to get overwhelming and exhausting. Because between trying to do all of that, there is something that we miss out on. And that is, self love.

You forgive people easily but why are you so harsh on yourself? You scream at yourself for every little mistake you make. For every heartbreak, for every failure and for every disappointment. Why is that?

You don’t know how beautiful your soul is. It lays bare to you and only you can give it the peace it needs.

So, I have a request. Let the one person you love the most become you. You deserve that, don’t you?

Self-love. That’s the love you should be practising. Your expectations, your needs, your wants. They are real and should be valued.

If you catch yourself being harsh to yourself, remind yourself this.

There are no flaws. There are differences. Each and everyone is different. That’s what makes you unique. You have to embrace that. You have to fight for that.

Self-love is all about making you your favourite person in the whole world. You have been given a life which is truly very short. You want to experience it. You want to live and love it. Everyone will do that for themselves. You have to take care of yours. It’s on you.

If you end up ignoring your dreams and passions, you can never be happy. There won’t be any sympathy or pity.

You need to see yourself as your best friend, as your soul mate, to truly start winning at life.

How you treat yourself, how you love yourself projects on other people too. You set boundaries and you set your expectations. You don’t end up bending always. You stand up for yourself.

It’s easier said than done though but here a few steps that you can start taking to practice self-love everyday.

  1. Take care of your health. There is nothing more important. You have to fuel your body with the right food. You have to sleep adequately. You have to exercise the muscles. Your health should be your priority.
  2. Groom yourself. In whatever way you like. Get a new haircut, go for body massage, get a pedicure. Buy new clothes. Anything that makes you say wow at yourself in the mirror.
  3. Start a fitness routine. It could be running, playing sports, lifting weights, dancing… anything that makes you sweat. Trust me that adrenaline rush is worth it.
  4. Keep a day for yourself. Take yourself out or stay in. Order something or cook yourself. Read a book or play Fifa. But keep that day for you. If you can’t take out a day, then a few hours or even one. It’ll rejuvenate you.
  5. Start a journal. Write down how you feel. Talk to yourself. Write about your dreams, your wishes, your desires. Write about how you feel. Know yourself better.

6. Take up a hobby which exposes your creative side. It could be painting, writing, singing, dancing.

7. Travel. The one that is suggested by almost everyone. Yes do travel. Travel near. Travel far. Travel with a group or travel solo. Whatever suits you more. But go and discover the world. And yourself in the process

8. Meet people who inspire you. Talk to people whom you admire. Learn a thing from them. Surrounding yourself with positive and inspiring people can do wonders.

9. Look outside your comfort zone. Start crossing things off your bucket list.

And remember to smile at your reflection when you wake up and see yourself in the mirror every morning. Let that face be a beautiful reminder of how much happiness you deserve. :)

Devisha is a poet, painter and a fitness enthusiast. Read more of her works at her blog The Jinxed Loop.